Recent Media

Press Releases and so forth

A non-exhaustive summary of recent press releases and media articles

Dreaming of Atmospheres

This is a project to utilised deep belief learning to characterise exoplanet atmospheres. The articles are based on this paper and is a solo-author projects.

- Sky at Night article
- Re-WORKS Machine Learning summit (June 2017)
- DailyMail article
- NVIDIA blog
- Science Daily article
- Popular Science article
- NIKKEI article (Japanese)
- ALPHR article
- Nature World News
- Royal Astronomical Society press release
- University College London press release

First atmosphere of a super-Earth

In this project, our team discovered the first atmosphere around a super-Earth (a planet slighly larger than our own Earth). The paper is here. This caused quite some stir with over 200 articles in over 12 languages. I've collected a few below:

- BBC News article
- Forbes article
- DailyMail article
- Hubble Space Telescope article & podcast
- Seeker article
- WIRED article
- EurekAlert press release
- Europlanet press release
- University College London press release

Space Missions

I have been actively involved in the European Space Agency Ariel space mission proposal. This project keeps generating significant numbers of press releases and news articles. Just google it :)